Faction: The Terran Empire


[Abbreviated: TTE] The Terran Empire is the ruling government of the human population in the region known as ‘Shallow Space’. It currently comprises 3 ‘core’ stellar systems and 9 ‘colony’ systems. They are spread across a region of space roughly circular in shape with a diameter approximately 100 light years (LY)

The Terran Empire was born from the slow decay of social order that was the 100 year trip from Earth to Shallow Space. As those born on the worldships, (And having never seen Earth) moved into positions of control, the notion of a dying world uniting all peoples was forgotten.

Old differences surfaced. New ones formed, and Corporations, the opportunists that they are, saw ways to take advantage.

Field Marshall Christian saw the damage unfolding, knew it could destroy the fragile species of human kind. Something had to be done. Already in command of the military he initiated a swift coup and dethroned the United Earth Council, taking ultimate control. Immediately factions formed amongst the worldships, but quick negotiations with the major corporations resulted in Christian regaining complete control over the entire human race.

The ‘Mayflower’ System, the second full core system in the region dubbed ‘Shallow Space.’ Noted as being the busiest system of the empire.

With Christian’s guidance, and his son after him, mankind successfully colonized Terra and then spread to eleven other systems.

The Terran Empire, or the Imperium as it is colloquially known, controls all colonized space. Governments and taxes are all controlled from within the Imperial Palace, situated in the city of Home, on the planet Terra. The Empire is defended by the Terran Confederation Navy, whose ships patrol the common traffic routes through space.

The 'Terran' system, the capital system of humankind.
The ‘Terran’ system, the capital system of humankind.

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