Pleiades Command Carrier ‘Sadalbari’

The PLC Sadalbari is the current Pleiades flagship design and it is a third generation ‘Pegasus series’ craft.

Shortly after the completed exodus, many years after the worldships were stripped of resources and the major colonies established, the focus remained at ‘bigger is better’ with humanity constructing huge ships of war covered in primitive kinetic weapons to safeguard their resources. With the advance of energy weapons, better composite alloys and autonomous systems the focus shifted to creating smaller, more nimble craft that packed a harder punch.


The Battlecruiser was a prime example of that shift of focus, dubbed ‘the capital ship killer’ their agile characteristics and unconventional weapons posed a problem for the big expensive capital craft especially in larger numbers. In the Omega series of ships the PLC faction had two Battleship designs, now it has shifted it’s focus to creating a more diverse fighting force across the spectrum of it’s latest line-up, with ships playing to each others strengths and weaknesses, that potent punch coming from the smaller craft; death by a thousand cuts.

In addition, PLC recognise the threat to it’s distribution of craft through the highly modular and cheap INC faction ships so they are making attempts to economise in their normally excessive design. The Sadalbari boasts 2 Extra Large [XL] and 2 Large [L] turret mounts, berthing for 20 standard Corvettes and still room enough for 3 Extra Large [XL] support mounts. In addition PLC have configured the internal dimensions of the craft so they can boast that it is ‘negative space ready’ which will further enhance the crafts capabilities when the technology arrives to market.

Shallow space – Sadalbari-class carrier by Comrade1280 [iArtDrive Team] on Sketchfab

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