Pleiades Battlecruiser ‘Homan’

The ‘Homan’ is a unique kind of Cruiser created by the Pleiades Corporation [PLC] as part of the Pegasus series line-up. It distinguishes itself from the standard Cruiser by including capacity for a special weapon. With the MFC now creating similar special ships and INC furnishing the Armstrong range with such modules, the term ‘Battlecruiser’ has been adopted to describe Cruiser sized ships able to enact a far more destructive force than their ineligible peers.

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A ‘Homan’ Battlecruiser at FTL

The PLC are notorious forward thinkers; always choosing to focus on the next effective counter in space-based warfare. For example, with the rest of the Imperium focusing on Kinetic and Thermal weapons, PLC excelled in research of Energy weapons. While the rest of the Imperium focused on damage resistant hull plating, PLC focused on attenuating shield technologies and while the Imperium focused on creating large ships of war brimming with big guns, PLC focused on creating smaller ships that, in some cases, can enable the use of similar oversized weapons.

A notable feat of engineering, the Homan has the speed and manoeuvrability of the Algenib and matches its 4 Large [L] turret mounting points, but also brings a spinal mounted eXtra Large [XL] fixed weapon point to the table. The problem with XL weapons in turret form is that with so much energy being pumped into the base, often the turret needs a long recharge time in between cycles to ensure that its operation can be sustained. The XL fixed weapon has no such concession; sporting cooling solutions, focal apparatus and energy capacitance that the XL turrets cannot afford the space to fit. The end result is an overcharged and oversized cannon capable of a sustained and contiguous firing solution over a far greater range.

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A ‘Homan’ Battlecruiser in-game ready to be fitted for use

But the main disadvantage of such a weapon is that it is cumbersome.

The weapon simply doesn’t work in conventional combat situations as its ability to aim at fast moving or near targets is totally undermined by the requirement to swing the whole ship around to point at the target. With that in mind the Homan is best deployed outside of the scope of immediate conflict with its services called upon much the same as an indirect fire party, from a flanking position after the assault party has gained the aggravation of the intended recipient.

The TCN note the effectiveness of spinal mounted fixed weapons but mention that their effectiveness is easily offset by carrier fighter/bomber packages or a well-placed indirect fire solution. It is also quite unlikely that you’ll see the Homan deployed by the subversive factions who might overlook the expensive prototype in favour of easier to deploy and cheaper solutions such as the Cambridge or the alternative (and arguably more effective) in-direct fire Battlecruisers.

Shallow space – Homan-class Battlecruiser by Comrade1280 [iArtDrive Team] on Sketchfab

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