Paradijs Lost (Epilogue)

Well it might have been the end of Eve Walters, but her legacy had far reaching implications across shallow space. We explore that legacy in a series of snippets from faction press outlets.

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“Terrorists neutralised in coup for Pleiades Police.”

In another triumph for the Corporation’s principles and methodologies, terrorist Eve Walters was apprehended by Corporate Police earlier this month.

Walters was part of a network of Imperium dissidents jealous of the advances and comfort bestowed upon Corporate employees and attempting to bring us down to their level.

Walters resisted arrest and her ship was damaged during the chase. She later succumbed to her injuries, but not before recording a video confession of her crimes. Eve Walters will serve as an example for any other criminals intent on damaging the Corporation.

“Public Announcements.”

We like to think that those that share in Illegal Refreshments have a common bond, if not full friendship then at least a sense of comradery. In this vein we have a public announcement for those that may be affected:

1) Gregory Walters’ ship was destroyed leaving dock in the Oberon system, apparently due to systems failure on board his freighter. In a twist of cruel fate, his daughter Eve Walters was also killed by pilot error this month. The family is survived by Gregory’s son Jimmy who is carrying on the family business.

2) We have been notified that ‘scoundrel of fortune’ Jack Hamilton has been out of touch with his contacts for the last month. We know many of you disprove of his recent actions, but he is part of our large family, so if you see him please tell him to get in touch.

3) Kane Guptill has been working with the Shallom Clan attempting to recreate Shallom’s last movements before his disappearance a decade ago. He believes he is on to something and will be making an announcement at the next Kill4 meeting.

“Pleiades Corporation: ‘Killing Civilians OK’.”

Readers of Incorporated Now will be familiar with the work of Eve Walters, a celebrated journalist from Mayflower, who has previously contracted to Incorporated Now (And stirred up the odd hornet’s nest too).

We found her in-your-face attitude refreshing and our Corporation’s management graciously saw the funny side in her antics.

But earlier this month we learnt of her untimely death in the Pleiades System. Rumours abound regarding how and where she died, but one thing this journal is sure of is that something stinks.

She didn’t die by accident.

Eve was doing what Eve does best and the Pleiades Corporation killed her for it. We here at Incorporated Now believe it is our solemn duty to warn all our readers, here in Incorporated Space and beyond, to stay away from the Pleiades system as they clearly sanction the murder of Imperium citizens. You have been warned.

We will be sending a delegation to Mayflower to mourn our lost friend at her memorial. Employees are welcome to apply for dispensation to also attend the memorial.

“Award Winning Reporter Tragically Killed”

It is with regret and sadness that we must report the death of one of our own. Eve Walters, a prize winning journalist for our respected media outlet, died in the Pleiades system last month.

Official police reports indicate pilot error by the commercial charter she was using, crashing into one of the many asteroids in the system after attempting to escape police custody.

Eve had been researching violation of the Eugenics Accords by the Pleiades Corporation who in turn claim Eve was engaging in acts of terrorism. Anyone who knows Eve knows this simply is not true and our lawyers are currently in contact with the PLC in regards to this slander.

Eve was a highly valued member of the team at The Guardian and will be sorely missed. There will be an open memorial service at York on Christian’s World, Mayflower on April 26th.

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