Overhaul Update 6.1 – Interactive Tutorial


As promised, we are pleased to announce Update 6.1 boasting a fully interactive tutorial!

By interactive we mean that it offers up a set of instructions and the tutorial continues once you have completed them. We figured it would be a better way to learn than an instructional video.

It’s comprehensive and will take you through camera controls, group creation and fleet movement, inventory management and ship configuration and mission/objective management and basic combat drills. Expect the tutorial to grow as the game grows, with the impending station building and resource collection mechanics to be injected imminently.

We also have a few minor fixes from a couple of incremental patched released in the last few days listed below.

We are simply bursting with excitement right now and if you’re not then you should be, with the UI refresh and the tutorial framework out the way – quick stop to update the game media and then it’s time for one almighty meat injection!

As always we massively appreciate the supportive comments and if you’ve just joined us welcome, take a flick through some of the previous news and strap yourself in, because things are about to get REAL interesting round here.

Overhaul Update 6.0.1 Change Log
– Fixed destroyed enemy causing crash in sandbox
– Fixed close button doesn’t work in Dialogue window
– Fixed context menu not appearing for modular stations
– Fixed incorrect ship reference in Dialogue window subtitle
Overhaul Update 6.1.1 Change Log
– Fixes to combined Inventory window
– Fixes to Save/Load
– Fixes to missions/objectives not being cleaned up on game exit
– Fixes to tutorial being show in Quick Battle mode
– Fixes to rare crash on mission ‘All Good Things’
– Fixed issue with time controls animating incorrectly on game restart
– Fixed issue with Player ship fleet panel not spawning correctly on game load
– Fixed issue with ‘ghost ship’ from menu screen on load game