Mineral & Fusion Capital ‘Vindicator’

Look forward to the ‘Vindicator’ being featured in UPDATE 8!

Another classic MFC design that is still in use during today’s operations. The ‘Vindicator’ is designed for long range tactical engagements with static targets such as stations and platforms, it is also equally suitable for indirect fire missions against larger vessels and light conventional combat.

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A ‘Vindicator’ uses it’s twin top mounted XL turrets in the heat of battle.

The ‘Vindicator’ is a very suitable all-rounder boasting 3 XL sized and 4 L sized weapons turrets and 4 XL support slots. As with all Gen. 3 MFC craft, the basic tech level suffers from inadequate generator capacity to comfortably fit energy weapons but some of the more expensive tech variants are fitted with the latest model Stellarators with a far higher energy output.

The Vindicator features a ‘multiple launch environment’ which is capable of dispensing salvos of 10 missiles at a time. The crafts integrated launcher can fire both M and L sized missiles. The craft is also fitted with a forward facing XL torpedo launcher capable of launching probes and huge offensive projectiles.

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The ‘Vindicator’ is an exceptionally versatile combat craft although fully loaded configurations can be very expensive.

In organised warfare between the core factions the craft is often used to head up indirect fire parties in large battlegroups, in smaller battlegroups it can be used as the lead command vessel. Lesser variants are also used extensively by the subversive factions.

Weaknesses to the vessels otherwise strong offering include substandard sub light thrust and weak armour.

As with all Capital vessels, its usefulness is undermined in today’s theatre by the ready availability of Generation 4 Cruisers and Battlecruisers, so as with any vessel of its size the ‘Vindicator’ benefits from well construed scout, support and defensive parties.

Shallow space – Vindicator-class Battlecruiser by Shallow Space on Sketchfab

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