We’re in the IndieDB Top 100 games of 2015!

Awesome news folks: We’re in the Top 100 games on IndieDB for the second year running!

Admittedly this comes as a surprise to us as we’ve been so busy creating assets and getting UPDATE 7 ready that we’ve barely had time to to announce that we are up for nominations.

So it seems you guys have taken it upon yourselves to vote us in and for that we are most humbled!

But the voting doesn’t end here, if we get into the top 5 games we’ll receive $30,000 worth of advertising! 

It probably goes without saying that the value of that to us right now is immeasurable as we continue the uphill battle of putting Shallow Space in front of as many people as possible.

So please head straight to the gamepage to vote (no registration or login required, just a click) and look forward to a special celebratory article over on IndieDB shortly!

Something to say Commander?