Faction: Incorporated


What is now known as INC was once a major corporation on Old Earth known as Amalgamated Selene. The first corporation to go interplanetary, Amalgamated Selene led the harvesting of minerals on the Moon and later throughout the Sol stellar system. Once the 100 year plan was announced they were the first to build a worldship (using technology stolen from their competitor MFC) to carry humanity to its new home in the stars.

During the 100 year trip from Sol to Shallow Space, the corporation worked with Field Marshall Christian to assist in his coronation to Emperor (in exchange for many mining rights). In 2400 the corporation simplified their name to INC. They lay claim to the outer worlds of the Terran system, but later sold these to MFC when they relocated to the stellar system known as ‘Incorporated Space’.

3 components of an INC ‘Armstrong;’ a heavy rear, a middle piece and a heavy front form an equivalent Heavy Cruiser. There are many variations of these core components and utility is further expanded by adding modular wingpieces.

INC runs the Corporate Staryards (CSY), the largest ship building facility in Shallow Space. CSY leads the field in artificial intelligence, negative space research and combat computing. Their modular design philosophy allows quick production and turn around between their various designs. This necessitates a certain simplicity in componentry and design which although shunned by the more discerning privateers, is welcomed by the regimented Terran Confederation Navy. INC designs account for approximately 60% of the Terran Navy fleet, though many of these ships are purchased by other member systems and used as their contribution to the Confederated Navy.

INC is run by the ‘INC Authority’ and currently owns a stellar system known as ‘Incorporated Space’. This was colonized in 2427, but to this date it is still classified as a ‘colony’ world, which has taxation and senate implications.

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