Incorporated Modular Cruiser ‘Armstrong K’

The Incorporated faction [INC] prides itself on providing designs for ‘workhorse’ ships throughout the imperium.

Their modular design discipline is somewhat different to the other human factions who generally engineer complete schematics to a predetermined specification, ICN instead split their ships into self-contained sections which can be assembled bespoke to suit a mission or role. This methodology has placed them leaps ahead of the competition in terms of blueprint sales with the only real competitor for civilian and military ship design being the Mineral and Fusion Corp [MFC]

An ‘Armstrong K’ with cargo side installed.

The Battle for Pleiades conflict kicked this organisation into gear and it was a war that matured quickly. The PLC faction possessed a nimble and technologically superior force which were able to out manoeuvre the bulky TCN Capital ships. As this information fed back from the field, INC spotted the opportunity to apply its modular freighter design techniques to a military landscape to create smaller vessels to escort the Capital ships.

The ‘Armstrong’ was the answer to that yet the first generation, a design rushed to man the front lines, was a disaster and was instrumental in marking the TCN as losers for that conflict. Despite this INC stuck with the design; testing, adjusting and perfecting until the present iteration the ‘Armstrong K’ was born.

The ‘Armstrong K’ is a set of blueprints that can be used to assemble a Cruiser or Battlecruiser class ship. It comes in a variety of pieces tailored for specific roles, but once the parts are assembled they cannot be removed or changed. As such it’s difficult to give information on the ‘Armstrong’ as a whole as it can come in a number of configurations, but here is a common sample configuration used presently by the TCN.

The equivalent PLC or MFC ship class is a Heavy Cruiser.

It sports ‘Heavy Rear Engines’ module designed to provide strong sub-light thrust to a larger assembled mass, this module has 2 x Large [L] turret mounts top and bottom and notable armour around the generators. It also has the ‘Medium Centre’ piece with additional generators, living space and room for additional expansion and the ‘Heavy Front’ which contains advanced tactical sensory equipment, additional armour and a further 2 x Large [L] turret mounts top and bottom.

In the Sketchfab, the ship is also equipped with the ‘Cargo Wing’ typically used to transport precious goods quicker that a freighter and a Battlecruiser component ‘Heavy Launcher Wing’ making the ship into a very capable indirect fire platform.

Shallow Space – INC Armstrong modular Cruiser by sflow on Sketchfab

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