Frequently Asked Questions

How can I support the development of Shallow Space?

We're glad you asked. Please go here to support us! :)

What platforms will Shallow Space be available on?

Shallow Space will be released on PC, Mac and Linux.

When will early access be?

Our goal is for Autumn/Winter 2015.

I’ve never heard of Humble Bundle, who are they?

Humble Bundle have risen to be one of the top providers of DRM-free games famous for their indie-bundle sales where you set the price, check out their store page for more information.

Who is making Shallow Space?

Shallow Space is being created by indie studio ‘Special Circumstances’ for more information, visit the company website

Will there be single player campaign, skirmish, multiplayer, or co-op?

The main focus of Shallow Space is to feature a story driven campaign and single player skirmish scenarios, additional focuses include online multiplayer and we hope to include co-op.

Will Shallow Space be DRM Free?

Yes from launch! (Although online play and access to updates may require a login.)

Where will the game be available?

Shallow Space will be available on Steam and Humble Bundle on Release and during Early Access, when the game is complete it will appear on GoG.

Will there be multiple factions or alien races?

There will be many factions with variants of ship classes. However the addition of an alien race would be time consuming and expensive as we would want to do it properly (completely different weapons systems, movement methods, etc.) and such a thing is entirely dependant on the teams resources.

Can I make videos of Shallow Space, post them to YouTube and monetize them?

Yes you can! Though we advise turning off the music or you may fall foul of Copyright music detection

What is 'Steam's Early Access?'

It means that for the indeterminate future, the game will be feature incomplete and may contain game breaking bugs. In purchasing you are supporting the active development of this title and before purchasing you are encouraged to visit the games blog and do a little bit of research to get a true idea of the current content. For more information visit the early access FAQ

Will I ever see Shallow Space in a bundle?

We tried it once before, terrible experience so... No.