Faction: Terran Confederate Navy

[Abbreviated: TCN] The Terran Confederation Navy was formed in response to the discovery of the Pleiades Corporation, descendants of the presumed lost worldship UES Halifax.

When the Pleiades Corporation refused to enter the Terran Empire, Emperor Christian decided to force the issue. He issued the construction of a military fleet to occupy the Pleiades system. To help with ‘buy-in’ from the rest of the Imperium this navy was labelled a ‘confederation’, with all member systems supplying ships and material, based on their tax status.

Each member system would provide a military leader to join the Council of Admirals and each council member would have a term as the field marshall, supreme leader of the Confederation Navy.

Technology of war had been forgotten on the hundred year journey from Earth however and despite ingenuity from the INC staryards creating a quick, simple and modular cruiser, the Armstrong, training, ship completion and other factors resulted in a sub standard fighting force. Despite superiority of numbers and weaponry (on paper at least), the Terran Confederation Navy was routed at what became known as the Battle for the Pleiades System.

The lessons were learnt quickly; the TCN rebuilt, retrained, and quickly became the dominant force in Shallow Space. Although it was never tested again in direct conflict in the Pleiades System, the TCN was crucial to winning the Race for the Blankicite and diplomacy finally achieved what the TCN could not; Pleiades entered the Terran Empire as a ‘Core’ world.

To this day the TCN’s leadership still follows the founding concepts of shared control among the member worlds. The Navy is comprised of several fleets which keep the peace in both the core and the wild fringe of Shallow Space.

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