Faction: The Pleiades Corporation


[Abbreviated: PLC] The Pleiades Corporation controls the Pleiades Stellar System, a full ‘core’ system of the Terran Imperium. Settled in 2362 by the presumed lost worldship UES Halifax, the Halifax governors set about extracting mineral wealth from all corners of the stellar system and returning it to the populated twin worlds of Paradijis and Eden.

The system was rediscovered by the Imperium in 2454. They found a thriving corporate society that had filled the system with efficient workers and high end technology. The Corporation’s refusal to join the Terran Empire resulted in the Battle for Pleiades, a victory for the Pleiades Corporation.

The Pleiades Corporation quickly learnt of the Imperium’s success with transmutation and the blankicite material and decided they needed access to this technology. A series of black-op and counter-ops known as the ‘Race for the Blankicite’ ultimately resulted in the Pleiades Corporation joining the Imperium in exchange for access to blankicite.

The Corporation is run by ‘The Seven’ who continue to rule almost 150 years later. They continue to espouse the seven ideals of the Corporation through public video links, though few have any ever met them or know their true identities.

Pleiades exports precision equipment and their designs and starships are highly refined with a distinct style, and high price, and are known throughout the Imperium.

The worlds and orbital patterns of the Pleiades System.
The worlds of the Pleiades System infographic


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