Faction: Allied Pirate Forces


[Abbreviated: APF] More often than not, history teaches that ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ and this is the common ground that forms the tenuous power titled the ‘Aligned Pirate Forces’.

While a single, well organised pirate clan is sufficiently bold to attack a small escorted freight fleet, sometimes the booty is just too well defended and alliances must be formed to defeat its protectors. ‘APF’ is the generic term applied to any alliance of pirate clans but is more commonly used for larger pirate fleets organized by the Kill4.

The Kill4 is the collective that manages pirate interactions across Shallow Space. Kill4 consists of the four largest pirate clans: Kildred Clan, Jonas’ Clan, The Royals and Shallom’s Men. They work together as required to mediate pirate disputes, communications and organise alliances, including equality of mission risk and plunder division. It is a mutually distrustful discussion. They also act as an internal police force between pirates, ensuring there is some ‘honour among thieves’.

APF fleet’s are poorly organised and slow to adapt to new tactical situations, mostly due to an unclear chain of command. Ships are often mismatched and in various states of repair. The term Abberates was first used to describe an APF fleet made entirely from ships made from spare parts, often from wildly different designs.

Although APF fleets can often be numerically superior to TCN taskforces, a seasoned commander can often drive a wedge between the APF ships both physically and mentally, due to the natural mistrust between pirates.

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