We’re in the IndieDB Top 100 games of 2015!

Awesome news folks: We’re in the Top 100 games on IndieDB for the second year running!

Admittedly this comes as a surprise to us as we’ve been so busy creating assets and getting UPDATE 7 ready that we’ve barely had time to to announce that we are up for nominations.

So it seems you guys have taken it upon yourselves to vote us in and for that we are most humbled!

But the voting doesn’t end here, if we get into the top 5 games we’ll receive $30,000 worth of advertising! 

It probably goes without saying that the value of that to us right now is immeasurable as we continue the uphill battle of putting Shallow Space in front of as many people as possible.

So please head straight to the gamepage to vote (no registration or login required, just a click) and look forward to a special celebratory article over on IndieDB shortly!

Something to say Commander?

IndieDB: Force Multiplier


Huge announcement over on IndieDB folks as we get a new talented team member to assist us, Mathias (previously of Deep Space Settlement) joins the team further upping the quality of our ships and stations and speeding the time it’ll take to construct the long list of planned assets.

In other news you can get a sneak peek at 3D renderings of the new INC faction ‘Armstrong’ modular cruiser, some shots of the updated UI and yet another cogent summary of progress from James in the latest news ‘Force Multiplier.’

“Back in the trenches Mathias joins the project in an unexpected twist of good fortune, it’s a curious sensation actually as I remember peering over the game design document a month ago thinking ‘man that INC faction and their modular ships has Mathias’ name all over it’ but beyond even that we’ve been seeking his council for well over a year now…”

Take me there, take me there now!


IndieDB: Belly of the Beast

Steam page launched! The countdown begins…

Big announcement over on IndieDB from the project leader James as we come to some realisations and decide to embrace the modding community. We also hint at the campaign mode, sneak a peek at the upcoming PLC Destroyer ‘Markab’ and of course; the Steam page gets launched!

True to style, we have a big stack of cool stuff ready to be belt fed into the community there so be sure to follow the page and check in from time to time.

Excerpt from the IndieDB page:

“On the journey to Early Access last week I came to quite an unexpected crossroads. You see I took the scene that I’d been using to construct the tactical side of things and began to tear it down into individual components to design maps, it was at that point that I realised I could either take the easy route and hardcode the level editor into the game OR I could do the right thing.”

Read on in ‘Belly of the Beast‘ or if you truly can’t contain your excitement, go direct to the Steam page!

Unity 2015-08-26 10-55-35-84


IndieDB: Limit of Exploitation


A cogent summary of progress over on IndieDB as some more budding contractors join the team and we hint at some of the customisation options that recent advancements bring.

Also catch a sneak peek at the latest ship that’s about to hit our screens, the PLC Heavy Corvette!

“The game engine is progressing at a phenomenal rate, at lot of the stuff I did last month paved the way for this rapid progress so mechanically we are witnessing some of that enhancement as the roots start to bud on the surface. It’s shocking how quickly we are moving towards the ‘end-game’ scenario now with the planned ‘Overlord AI system’ and the Map editor looking pretty close on the todo list.”

Take me there now!

IndieDB: Some Semblance of Order

New ship model unveiled over on Indie DB in the latest news round-up ‘Some Semblance of Order!’

Also covered is a general report of progress, we talk about the reason for putting up the new roadmap page and there’s some fresh media in the galleries showing of the new ‘Status Indicators’ with ships now able to hide in asteroids and nebulas.

“Work on Omega continues with a Medium Corvette model being unveiled, the artists now report they are ‘in the swing’ but there’s a short break while one of them disappears on holiday for a week. You can view more angles of this great ship over on the blog site soon (Category: Omega) and take a look at the forum posts while you’re over there, plenty of people with some interesting things to say have gathered there.”

Check-out the latest new’s round up!

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