BETA Update 5

Good news, Update 5 has arrived!

This update focuses on adding the more intricate mechanics that will compliment both the singleplayer and multiplayer experiences.

In particular this update adds Shield Rebalancing, Subsystem Attack Mode, Engine Attack Mode and the Subsystem Targeting Ability. We’ve also added 20+ audio clips of that sexy AI voice re imagined and better than ever before!

Combat is due to become far more gritty and intense during Update 5.
Combat is due to become far more gritty and intense during Update 5.

1. Subsystem Attack Mode
2. Engine Attack Mode
3. Subsystem Targeting Ability
4. Subsystem Targeting Window
5. Shield Widget

Shield Rebalancing

As we hinted before, Update 5 now gives you the ability to ‘rebalance’ any of the ships shields. You can do this by selecting your ship and clicking on any of the four shield segments of the shield widget (5) to the bottom right of the abilities panel.

This opens up a host of new tactical considerations as simply right-clicking on the enemy to attack them might not be the best option.

Normally, the enemy will come to you if they spot you and let them. Try and position your forces to absorb the assault from a single direction and the power of shield rebalancing will become immediately pronounced. You can then pincer the enemy forces more effectively causing further disruption to their offensive using engine and subsystem attack modes.

Note that you cannot rebalance the shields past their initial maximum.

Engine Targeting

In three dimensional warfare, denying the enemy the ability to move is absolutely critical. You can now target the assailants engines using ‘Engine Attack Mode’ causing them to vent plasma slowing them down to a crawl.

Use the function with care Commander, if you kill the engines of a Battleship while it is in the midst of your forces it might not have the desired effect!

Engine Attack Mode is only possible when it’s shields are down. If the shields are up while this targeting function is active, it will count as a normal attack. If the shields are down, there will be a chance to disable the targets engines and reduced damage will be applied (damage counter shown in yellow.)

Toggle the Engine Attack Mode button to return to Free Attack Mode.

Subsystem Targeting

Any ship can opt to target an assailants external subsystems which presently includes turrets using ‘Subsystem Attack Mode.’

If you wish to specify the targeting parameters, that is, the order in which the turrets should be disabled; you should select a Capital ship and use the ‘Subsystem Targeting’ ability.

Using the ability will bring up a window similar to the Inventory window in which you can click on the turrets to queue them for destruction. In doing so a number will appear indicating their position in the queue. As the turrets are disabled they will automatically be removed from the queue.

Subsystem Attack Mode is only possible when a ships shields are down. It is however possible to assign targeting parameters for your fleet using the Subsystem Targeting Ability when the targets shield are up.

As with all Abilities, the Capital vessel does not need to be in the same Zone (or even orbiting the same planet) to call out target subsystems for the fleet. You must select a context target to use the Subsystem Targeting Ability (click on a AI unit with Capital ship selected.)

If the shields are up while Subsystem Attack Mode is active, it will count as a normal attack. If the shields are down reduced damage (shown as a yellow damage counter) will be done to the targets subsystems unless using Precise weapons, in which full damage is done.

Toggle the Subsystem Attack Mode button to return to Free Attack Mode.

BETA Update 5.0 Change log

– Added shield rebalancing via shield widget (bottom right of ability bar)
– Added attack mode: Free
– Added attack mode: Subsystems
– Added attack mode: Engines
– Added subsystem target window
– Added additional UI and tooltips to support attack types
– Added 20 AI voices
– Added voices to Abilities
– Added engine fire FX
– Added turret fire FX

– Fixed Status’ given via Ability don’t time out
– Fixes further to stats adjustment calculations
– Fixes to context windows closing on ship destruction
– Fixes to hang if using next/previous buttons in ship config if only one ship present in Zone
– Fixes to position and scale of Turrets on PLC Sadalbari Carrier
– Fixes to petty trade only giving first traded item
– Fixes to rare crash generating Battlecruiser

– Update – removed trading between zones restrictions temporarily to help with testing
– Update – added delay to ability buttons mouse over action
– Update – omidirectional/directional webifier abilities now affect rotation rather than speed

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