BETA Update 4.7

Good news! Update 4.7 has arrived along with macOS / OS-X support!

Now that support on all platforms has been restored, we’re going to swap the old Alpha and new Beta builds around on Steam as we’re a little conscious that people are missing out on the good stuff.

So in other words: If you were testing the BETA simply switch the build back to normal!

Managing multiple groups
Managing multiple groups is now very easy by using TAB / Shift + TAB

We’re seeing mainly evolutionary progress this update with the promised additional fleet management tweaks bringing the chapter of unit groupings to a close.

We also have a few tweaks as suggested by the community but the real work has gone on under the hood to prepare for resource collection and logistics which will be switched on in 4.7.1.

As is now the norm; expect a flurry of incremental updates/hotfixes over the course of the next week as we continue the race to complete the short to medium term objectives.

Please do keep pointing out the bugs and we’ll continue to squash them!

Also, just a reminder that this article contains some hints on how to get to the missions.

BETA Update 4.7 Change log

– Added macOS/OS-X support!
– Added ‘rolling selector’ UI piece
– Added TAB to toggle forwards hard/soft group selection
– Added Shift-TAB to toggle backwards hard/soft group selection
– Added intelligent camera focus to TAB (preserves Orbit/RTS Cam mode)
– Added intelligent camera focus to hard group selection (double tap number key)
– Added current zone icon to notification panel
– Added in-game help notifier
– Added additional atmospheric sounds to main menu and Zone Map
– Added images to Imperial Codex

– Update – time speed-ups increased
– Update – ‘Encyclopedia’ renamed to ‘Imperial Codex’
– Update – game window can be resized when in windowed mode

– Fixes to issues allowing Player to trade/transfer/fit items in different Zones
– Fixes to issues allowing Player to fit items to ships before trade completed
– Fixes to crash in Inventory transfering items from ship slots
– Fixes to issues trying to edit ship in a different zone or on Zone Map
– Fixed passive scanning sound broken on holding CTRL
– Fixed Q/E keys inverted
– Fixes to minor issue allowing the selection of option rows
– Fixes to OOZ (Out Of Zone) docking crash
– Fixes (further) to crash assigning target when exiting SRJ
– Fixed issue refreshing group icon when creating Soft Group

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