BETA Update 4.6

Good news! The Overhaul Beta has been updated to version 4.6.

The beta is currently available via a separate ‘branch’ which can be changed in Steam, via the game properties.

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Decided to simplify things further with the fleet panel, and reduce the requirement for scrolling.

In this update we tidy up the UI, in particular the fleet panel, where a separate row of smaller icons is now always visible and we’ve also tweaked the appearance of the grouping icons so it’s a little easier to see which number key to press. To prevent unnecessary scrolling detailed icons are currently shown only for Player selected units but will soon be shown for context targets also.

All the abilities should now work. Some abilities will require a context target to work (such as ‘Communications’ allowing you to hail other ships,) you can pick a target by first selecting your ship and then clicking on an AI ship as it’s context target. Other area of effect abilities now use the new ‘Command Range’ and you can preview that range by moving the mouse over the applicable ability icons.

sspace 2016-10-11 14-49-19-96
The dialogue system opens up new opportunities for ship construction and trade.

The dialogue system gets folded into the mix adding ways to access various handy NPC functions. This will be handy if you want to use the new petty trade system to buy/sell stuff or build ships using spare funds, you’ll also be able to pickup quests by using dialogue. Look for an exclamation mark by a zone icon or ship which indicates dialogue.

We’ve also folded in various new animations and some fixes that you’ve reported in over the last couple of weeks. Please do continue to report them! It’s been instrumental in the progress made so far.

Look forward to 4.7 where we can expect the beginnings of resource collection, additional help articles, ship experience and a whole host of atmospheric sounds and maybe even the return of the sexy AI voice!

The main goal now is to fold in the remaining RTS mechanics before adding saving/loading, skirmishes and additional planets.

BETA Update 4.6 Change log

– Fix focus issues when double clicking on targetbox
– Fix to windows opening in odd places
– Fix SpaceObject issue causing crash on restart
– Fix focus issues on modular stations

– Added SHIFT + LMB to add/remove ships from selection
– Added focus on opening dialogue with NPC
– Added cargo space bar in inventory windows
– Added petty trading extensions to inventory window
– Added missions to dialogue system, listing and acceptance
– Added accepted missions are tracked at start
– Added trade request to dialogue system
– Added mission indicators to zone icon (yellow ! is tracked objective or pending dialogue)
– Added mission/dialogue/quest track indicators to targetbox and tactical icon
– Added typewriter animation to notification/dialogue text
– Added remaining abilities (now functioning)
– Added animations to mission/objection situation panel text
– Added tactical icons to fleet panel
– Added context sensitive text to dialogue system
– Added group number to fleet icons (removed emblem icon)
– Added subcontract ship production from Allied facilities

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