IndieDB: Belly of the Beast

Steam page launched! The countdown begins…

Big announcement over on IndieDB from the project leader James as we come to some realisations and decide to embrace the modding community. We also hint at the campaign mode, sneak a peek at the upcoming PLC Destroyer ‘Markab’ and of course; the Steam page gets launched!

True to style, we have a big stack of cool stuff ready to be belt fed into the community there so be sure to follow the page and check in from time to time.

Excerpt from the IndieDB page:

“On the journey to Early Access last week I came to quite an unexpected crossroads. You see I took the scene that I’d been using to construct the tactical side of things and began to tear it down into individual components to design maps, it was at that point that I realised I could either take the easy route and hardcode the level editor into the game OR I could do the right thing.”

Read on in ‘Belly of the Beast‘ or if you truly can’t contain your excitement, go direct to the Steam page!

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