Faction: Alliance of Interstellar Mercenaries


[Abbreviated: AIM] There will always be those people who have a ‘certain kind of a skill’ but cannot or chose not to operate in the official military machine. The Battle for the Pleiades System and the resulting ‘Race for the Blankicite’ saw a massive arms race and mass military spending followed by budget cuts and discharges of personnel. Those cut loose found that in the wild west that was the Shallow Space colonies their skill set was very much valued.

Skirmishes over resources were a part of life for inhabitants of the Imperium. Rival companies, settlers, everyone had a use for mercenaries, but surprisingly their main targets were normally pirates.

Fred Walverzon was a man of vision, a man who had never been involved in a fight in his life, but he saw the potential of the disparate mercenary groups tendering for jobs. In 2492 he created the ‘Alliance of Interstellar Mercenaries’, a perfectly legal contracting company that would be the one stop shop for all mercenary contracts.

A.I.M would take all enquiries and send these on to their ‘contractors’ who could then negotiate directly. AIM would take a ‘finders fee’ cut and provide services to their contractors. Many mercenary groups saw the advantages immediately, others waited until they started missing out on work that instead went to A.I.M. Within five years of founding, A.I.M controlled 95% of the contract military work.

The headquarters for A.I.M are in the city of ‘Home’ on Terra. And Walverzon is still the CEO running a company of nearly 50 people at head office and hundreds at satellite bases throughout shallow space. They have a list of contractors nearly 100 long.

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