About Shallow Space



Pick-up missions to receive rewards in the form of credits, ships modules and blueprints. Construct defences and base build, or go at it you own way by mining and trading. You’ll manage forces across multiple play areas all running realtime in a universe teaming with life.

An innovative ‘zone’ system lies at the heart of what we’ve dubbed the ‘Open-world Overhaul’ and through it NPC traffic will trade, mine and fight just as you do.

Construct your fleet ship-by-ship by foraging in dangerous asteroid clusters and nebulas for resources and completing quests. Build up your modular base to include all the things a fleet commander needs; refineries, factories, power stations, shipyards and trade docks.

Evolve your ship Captains careers, customize your ships using loot savaged from wreckages, become embroiled in action spanning huge playable areas and work across multiple planetary systems to bring order to Shallow Space.

Additional Key Features

  • Fully 3D space combat
  • 5 different classes of fully configurable ship
  • Customizable shields and hull markings
  • Simulated ballistics and projectiles
  • 70+ ship modules (weapons, support, ammunition)
  • 30+ ships
  • Procedurally generated zones, loot and quests
  • Emergent gameplay
  • Enhanced abilities system
  • Directional shields and subsystem targeting
  • Flexible unit groupings