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Grab 25% off in the Steam Autumn Sales!

The Autumn sales are here and you can grab yourself a bargain and help support the project, win win!

If you’re new around here or have been cautiously skirting the perimeter welcome, it’s a great time to join as we are busy cramming the alpha full of ships and weapon modules, with alternative weapons systems, modular ships and stations, and a whole bunch of new maps to test them on to look forward to in the short to medium term.

To celebrate our very first Autumn sale we have a crammed week consisting of:

UPDATE 6, which is huge bringing tons of cool stuff like two new ships, 15 additional modules (including the ability to customise the shields on your ships) and a ‘Combat Simulator’ allowing you to test your ship designs in a toe-to-toe battle.

sspace 2015-11-25 19-02-21-80


We’ll also be seeing a low-down on the ‘Nottingham’ which is a new mid-battleship joining the party, the Nottingham is sister ship to the Cambridge but is 1.5x the size and can take many more support modules and has quite a few more guns, so a veritable command platform for your fleet.

sspace 2015-11-25 19-02-48-34


The ‘Homan’ which is the final ship from the PLC Pegasus lineup, is the game’s first Battlecruiser and with an XL spinal mounted weapon is designed for just one thing, that’s right, destroying Nottingham shaped battleships! Cause and effect folks, it’s almost poetic.

What’s more? Fresh new media and blog articles including an exciting new trailer!

UPDATE 6 will hit your screens very soon folks and if you want to know more, you can get the latest from the build notes over on the games forums!