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    The Tale of Samuel Shallom (Sh...

    13 May 2015 , by James Martin

    April Edition, Imperial Nightly, 2472 In a bold move, the colonial corporation Valhalla Trading ordered an attack on their own colony late last month. In retribution for a pirate raid on their transport ships, robbing the corporation of the profit from their colony’s tribute, six landing ships filled with hired muscle reportedly plundered the...

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    [0.7.10] Update to the demo in...

    6 May 2015 , by James Martin

    An evolutionary release in which we see several components advance naturally. Over 40 fixes and tweaks in this update too making the previous ‘major’ update seem a little minor. Maybe every update will be like that, suits me fine; progress, progress, progess. The player will control 3 Flotillas this time, one of which houses a Carrier (...

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    Crowdfunding Post Mortem

    5 May 2015 , by James Martin

    So the crowdfunding failure might have knocked us one step back but we’ll take three¬†steps forward to recover. What exactly went wrong? How are we going to recover and fund Shallow Space: Insurgency? Find out in the latest IndieDB article. ‘You need more exposure’ people were shouting out to me, but here’s the most irritatin...

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